Ben V. Greene is a trans man, transgender advocate, and educator who has spoken internationally on topics surrounding transgender inclusion. After coming out at age 15 in small-town Connecticut and giving a popular TEDx Talk at Brandeis University, Ben has devoted his career to spreading empathy, education, and storytelling around the trans experience. He has spoken with companies, hospitals, schools, religious organizations, and government entities about what it means to be transgender and how to show up as an ally. He is a fierce advocate for trans youth, regularly speaking in their defense at the Missouri state capitol. He also delivers free presentations to parent support groups around the country, and spends hours one-on-one with families of newly out transgender loved ones. He is passionate about educating others from a place of compassion鈥攏o matter where they鈥檙e starting from. He lives by the catchphrase 鈥渢he only question I won鈥檛 answer is the question you don鈥檛 ask.鈥